What is PANI ?


PANI (= water in Hindi) is a non profit making organisation.

The office was created in march 2009 by 3 French peoples, who wanted to involved in an environment-friendly project, for a small village in Himachal Pradesh (north India).



The PANI project :


Dirties waters creates diseases, skin problems, bad smell, land slide and pollution in fields and river.

The project is to create a used water filtration, using an organic process!

First we collect all dirty waters from the villagers (around 100 peoples)!

The used water from the bathroom and the kitchen mainly,are going in a first pool, then a second one, and finally in a big tank, which is using like a big water reserve for the agriculture.

Both of the pool are full of gravels, where are living bacteria, which are eating a part of pollutions. In this gravels the pollutions nourishing, also, some aquatics plants, which improve the filtration!

What PANI did already ?


2009: organisation creation and investigation in the village to find a land.

3 organisation's members went to Mateura village to start to dig the first pool. PANI 's director is teacher in a professional gardening school, the school and PANI became partners.


2010: PANI went back to the village with a group of gardening students and completed the project.

But in winter a huge rain fall caused a land slide which destroyed the pools


2011: 2 PANI 's members went back to managed to fixed the pool and employed local carpenters to make a huge wall in concrete.


What PANI have to do now ?


2012: in June we will send again 2 or 3 members to manage to make the first pool in concrete.

And if the organisation have enough money we will manage to fix also the second pool. But for this we need help!


How you can help us ?


You can talk about us around you, to your friends, your family....

You can come and help us to work on the project...

You can make a real web site for our organisation...

You can make some translations in any languages...

You can help us to find some money from other organisation or foundation...

You can of course give your donation with paypal at this adresse asso.pani@laposte.net

Thank you for any kind of help !